Women's Advisory Council Introduction

At the 2016 Home Timber & Hardware Group National Conference a group of women from all corners of Australia met and immediately formed a bond. Through conversation they discovered that they shared similar challenges and found, that via their different strengths and areas of expertise, they were able to offer each other support.   They realised that there would be other women in the group in similar situations, which prompted the idea of creating a women's networking group within the HTHG group, so that all women could benefit from each other's experience and skillsets.

With the support of former HTHG GM James Aylen and National Manager Andrew Toomey, the concept of WAC - the Women's Advisory Council - was born.

We're happy to announce, that since the purchase of the HTHG by Mitre 10, we have also received the support of Mitre 10 CEO Mark Laidlaw to continue with officially launching WAC.  We are hoping to have our first official national WAC meeting as part of the National Conference in February 2017.   We currently have 13 Members and would like to invite all HTHG & Mitre 10 women to register their Expression of Interest to attend our WAC Introductory Meeting - date, time and location to be confirmed - and also from those who are ready to join our group and be part of the development phase.

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