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If you're a Toowoomba Builder or Tradie you've most likely heard of SIMON HOME TIMBER & HARDWARE.  We used to go under the name of SID'S PLACE. We've been around for a very long time, supplying locals with great quality building material & timber.  

Unfortunately, many building suppliers in the region didn't survive the GFC, and we also sadly lost a lot of good builders and subbies during those challenging times. Thankfully, Toowoomba is now steadily growing again, "booming" in fact, if the media is to be believed.  That's great news for all of us who work in the construction industry.

Sid's Place - albeit surviving those leaner years well overall - was, of course, also forced to tighten their belt and adapt to the market.  This meant that for some time, our Frame & Truss Plant at our Toowoomba site, had to be wound back.  It continued to operate but with less manpower and, for a time, many of the jobs we received were of a smaller nature, with our larger state-of-the-art 5000m2 plant on the Sunshine Coast handling all the larger jobs.

Well, that's now all changed.  Since now retired CEO Ross Simon rebranded to SIMON HOME TIMBER & HARDWARE a year ago and new CGM John Ryan has taken the reigns, it's full steam ahead again for the frame & truss plant in Toowoomba, with appropriate investment in both manpower and technology. The expertise was always there, of course.    

SIMON HOME TIMBER & HARDWARE Toowoomba is once again offering a full-serivce, one-stop destination for all your building needs, including the manufacturing of frames and trusses. We have one of the largest ranges of timber and building material supplies in the region and you can trust that we're professional and reliable or we wouldn't have survived for 66 years.

We've come to understand that some builders & tradies, although being completely convinced of the quality and service SIMON HOME offers as they've told us, have the perception that we're more expensive than some of our competitors. And this may have been true.  And while everyone knows the saying is true that "you get what you pay for", SIMON HOME realises how competitive your market is and that you need to meet the market to have the chance of winning the job. So, we been even more pro-active in the past few months, negotiating  better deals with our suppliers wherever possible, restructuring and streamlining processes achieving savings in our overheads and, yes, even cutting our margins, especially on essential building materials.  All savings are being passed on to you; our customers.

So, if you're not yet one of our many  local customers, possibly aren't completely happy with your current supplier and would like to give an expert Local a go, who's reputation has been trusted for over six decades when it comes to quality, service and reliability, then give us a try.    Ask us to quote on your next job.  We think you'll be pleasantly surprised.



Talk to people who know your business, speak your lingo and are invested in your success.  No matter how large or small the job, we know we can meet (and surpass) your expectations.

No BS - just good old fashioned value and service.

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