How to turn renovation stress into renovation fun and success

Moving or renovating your house can be very exciting but for many it also proves to be one of the more stressful chapters of life. At SIMON HOME TIMBER & HARDWARE we'll equip you with all you need to make renovating fun and stress free.

Whether your renovation project is considered more of a simple nature, like painting, or a bit more complex, you'll find specialists at SIMON HOME TIMBER & HARDWARE Toowoomba.

Chrys & Emily for instance, know their way around paint. Don't believe for a minute that Paint is just Paint.  Read our October/November issue of NAIL MAIL which was all about Paint and Painting. Here's a little excerpt from Chrys' article

"Unfortunately, there is no "one fits all" solution. Each job needs to be independently assessed. Obviously an exterior job will be different to an interior project. The surface you're painting on is one important factor, but other outdoor conditions that may impact on product, preparation and application may be the climate and environment"

"There are just as many, if not more considerations to be made when working on an interior painting project. Some colour preferences may not be the wisest when considering things such as room size, the purpose of the space, lighting (both artificial and natural), is the house/room well ventilated, airy or exposed to damp conditions? Are there young children or pets in the house?"   READ MORE HERE 

If you need timber for your reno project we have a small army of people who know everything there is to know about timber, timber products and applications.  We deal with professional builders and tradies on a daily basis - and they too seek their expertise.

You may want to pave your terrace, driveway or create an attractive and easy to maintain garden path.  Then you should check out Azek Pavers - one of the most innovative products we've seen in a long time. Easy to install, durable, low maintenance, scratch resistant.  Suitable for a whole range of applications.

Of course, apart from materials, you'll also need the right tools for the job.  They needn't cost the earth but there are differences and, depending on the job, it really pays to know which will best suit your project.  Even choosing the right paint brush or roller can determine whether your painting project is a breeze to complete or becomes an absolute nightmare.  The same applies to power tools.  Check with our guys (and gals) if what you have will be suitable for the job.  They'll be completely honest and won't try to sell you a new power tool if the one you have is completely sufficient.  But, if it isn't, you'll save yourself a whole lot of grief and time and won't muck up the job, which could also be costly.

Our team will equip you with all you need: Knowledge, materials and tools to get the job done right the first time.   It doesnt cost a thing to come in and have a chat before you start your project.

Call us on 46 200 200 or visit us at 9 Wilkinson Street, Toowoomba (Harlaxton).   

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