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Honesty, integrity, ‘doin’ the right thing’; tough as teak - old Morgan was a stickler for it and nothing much has changed. The local tradies know the Simon family are straight shooters and they’ll look after them. They believe that Tradies deserve more, like when you BUILD STUFF, YOU GET STUFF. Or, to open a $500/month Account, you won't have to jump through hoops - no credit checks here*.  Then there's their famous Trade BBQ Brekkies and a whole lot more.  Click here to find out more.

Time and tide, however, wait for no man; the trade and the general want more bang for their buck, competition is fierce and a hard fought, much respected reputation counts for nothing if you can’t keep up with the others.  Simon Home Timber and Hardware Ipswich has managed in its redevelopment not to lose sight of its core business but has added a large range of hardware, garden needs, homewares, plumbing supplies, paint and paint accessories, power, air and hand tools to provide, to both the trade and retail customer. A one-stop-destination; with real, old-fashioned, service.

And just as they offer in their Toowoomba and Sunshine Coast locations, Simon Home Timber and Hardware Ipswich has its own delivery trucks and expands its fleet with external carriers where necessary.

If honesty and integrity still mean something to you, if doing business knowing that you are getting the best deal gives you peace of mind, if being able to get everything you need under one roof without getting your hair mucked up is important to you, do what generations of Queenslanders have done; put your faith in the Simon family at Simon Home Timber and Hardware in Raceview. If you have the need they have the answer. You'll make a great team.

And yes, we are open to the public as well!

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Did you know that you can use our FREE DIY Rewards Program to SAVE SAVE SAVE, have access to bonus points (MORE SAVINGS) and exclusive promotions (MORE SAVINGS)? Find out more here.

Or, if you'd like to support a Club you belong to, your children's school or a favourite local charity you can nominate your Club to become a Primary DIY Rewards Program Card Holder.  When members shop at our store, they earn points for their Club, School or Charity, points accrue really fast which can be redeemed for items they need or to purchase great prizes for auctions and raffles to help raise funds.




Contact us for more information about our range of products and services by calling 32 200 200 or emailing ipswich@simonhome.com.au. 

Also see our Team Page for individual contact information. 




If you're a builder or tradie and want to see how we do things here at SIMON HOME, take our Virtual Factory Tour. We have a state-of-the-art 5000m2 Frame & Truss plant on the Sunshine Coast and a smaller plant in Toowoomba.  We can provide you wit all of your building needs.  Contact Chris Blythe or call him on 0448 077 524 for an obligation free chat of how we can help your business.



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