Hidden Talent at Simon Home Toowoomba


We always knew that we have some very talented people at SIMON HOME but now we also have an award-winning artist amongst us.

Emily won her division AND Grand Champion at the Gatton Show recently with her entry "DESPAIR"

When I asked her what had inspired her, she was kind enough to share a very personal journey with me, which she has authorised for me to share.

"This entry was titled 'DESPAIR' and the original photo was supplied to me by 'Kirsty Hellmech Photography' of her son in a hoodie that I wanted to draw to go with another drawing of a female in a hood that i had already done.

It is just my personal journey through depression that came out on paper. Having suffered PND (Postnatal Depression) and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) after the birth of my one and only daughter, I had had a very rough entry into parenthood.

However my drawing was all sparked by my mum winning tickets to the 2015 Logie Awards in Melbourne and spending some time with my cousin who's husband paints for a hobby and she brought me a set of pencils on her return.

If it wasn't for my incredible support network, my husband, my daughter my awesome mumma's and dad and immediate family the situation could have been a very different story to tell. I am very fortunate to be one of the very lucky ones to make it out of the darkness that is depression. This years Trophy was donated by Greg and Trudy Hay in memorial of Lyn-Mae Orr their daughter who was also a very talented artist that suffered with the despair of depression.

I am honestly truly honored at the thought of having won a incredibly meaningful award that I hope to give justice to in time to come.

Believe it or not this drawing was only my 5th drawing in 10 years!! And I didn't just get a first prize, I took out the TOP prize!!!"

We congratulate Emily, not just on her amazing talent and success in winning this prize, but on conquering her demons. We hope her story will inspire and help some of you who suffer from any kind of depression. We wish you well.