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The First thing you need to know about us is we’re here to help. It matters not whether you’re a seasoned tradie, a new age Domestic Goddess, a Weekend Warrior or just someone looking for a thingy to go on the end of a whatsit, you’ve come to the right place because we speak all those languages fluently!

For over sixty years we’ve based our business on knowing what our customers need to get the job done and as they say in the classics – the apple never falls far from the tree and now, after 4 generations of chips off the old block, we think we’ve just about got it down to a fine art. In old Imperial parlance, ‘you don’t have to be twelve inches across the forehead’ to work out a winning formula – Build customer loyalty through hard work, knowledge and innovation and never kid yourself that you know it all.

Our builders, who’ve stuck with us through thick and thin, and there’s been a fair bit of thin over recent years, know that we like to consider them part of the family and we’ve earned their trust through simple family values of honesty, integrity and ethical practice. It’s always been our belief that we’d have to be a gum tree short of a koala to conduct ourselves in any other way. We’d much rather under promise and over deliver.

We promise you this: we’ll keep up with technological change, we’ll keep an eye on market trends, revolutionary new products and opportunities to ensure that you benefit from competitive pricing. We’ll motivate and train our people to love what they do and to offer knowledgeable and attentive service: You won’t find sales staff hiding behind shelves here. We’ll look for opportunities with suppliers to encourage the exchange of ideas and come up with promotions that add colour and excitement to the retail experience. We’ll break down all the old taboos and teach women the heady delights of DIY regardless of the resultant effect on the space/time continuum.   

This stuff is in our blood; you cut us we bleed sap, we love the smell of timber as much as one of nan’s lamb roasts, scratch our heads we get splinters and we really do have a family tree. This is our business we love it and we’re going to try to share a bit of the love with you.

And here’s how we plan to build the future.

The Simon Family has embraced Home Hardware because we are kindred spirits, their hopes and dreams mirror ours. Our well established timber frame and truss business will now be complimented by a well-stocked retail arm that will create a one-stop-shop for our big timber customers, many of whom treat us as an extension of their businesses.

We’re offering everything the weekend warrior, home renovator or DIY tragic could conceivably need to get the job done. Paint, tools, plumbing supplies, out-door furniture, barbecues and everything in between.

Whether you are building a garden bed, dog house, pergola, carport, a home, an apartment building or even a shopping centre, an early visit to any one of our three Queensland, strategically placed locations, could well save you time, money, stress and grief.

So yes we’re here to help, ...when you need hardware, timber or great advice …’go where the tradies go’ …Simon Home Timber and Hardware.


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