Welcome to Simon Home

Welcome to Simon Home Timber and Hardware and Simon Home Frame and Truss… Home of Solutions.

Providing quality timber (hardwood, structural pine); and a wide selection of hardware and power tools for your wall frames, trusses, decking or any construction needs.

No we don’t specialise in washing up liquid, we specialise in ensuring your building project, reno, DIY masterpiece or whatever you put your hand to is stress free, cost efficient and turns out exactly how you envisaged it.

Yes we have the most comprehensive range of timber (hardwood, structural pine) in Ipswich, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast and throughout south east Queensland; yes we also have a wide range of hardware and consumables. We even have our own Frame & Truss Production Plants on the Sunshine Coast and in Toowoomba.

If you're a professional builder or tradie you'll find a massive range of building materials and tools at very competitive prices. And just as important, people who understand your business, speak your lingo and don't think service is what you wait for in a restaurant.

If you're not a professional but pretty handy when it comes to DIY, why not go where tradies go to get your materials?